With Shortcut to Golf Rules, you quickly
find the appropriate Rule, when you need
it on the course. Various relief situations
are illustrated, enabling an understanding
of the various drop alternatives. Each situation described in the book carries a reference to the official Rules of Golf, for final interpretation and decision, while serving as an index to the Rules.

Great value - at a low cost
The average golfer spends a lot of money every year on his golf. Membership fees, clubs, clothes, travels and green fees. Shortcut to Golf Rules bring lots of knowledge, quality and gain at a
reasonable price.

Perfect for teaching
Shortcut to Golf Rules is aimed at all
golfers – irrespective of handicap. To
a beginner, understanding all the Rules
of the game is difficult and the product
is ideal for beginners' courses, just as
perfect in the classroom as on the course –
in any kind of weather. However, it is just
as useful for experienced golfers, with
many years of playing, who claim
to know the Rules...."

Pocket size, waterproof and hardy
The practical format of the product
(15 cm x 7.5 cm or 6"x 3") means that
you can carry it with you, in the bag or
even in your pocket. Furthermore, the
recyclable synthetic paper is waterproof
and hardy and will even withstand a dip
in the water hazard.

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